Open public transportation data for residents of Vilnius



Vilnius residents will now be able to keep track of how their city’s transport system is performing, as well as receive updates on the busiest routes. A ME Susisiekimo paslaugos is now offering on online register that provides up to date data on stops, as well as bus and trolleybus movement data.

‘We have always wanted to be able to allow our citizens to see their city from the perspective of its transport and how it functions, and this new register gives us the opportunity to do that. From now on our citizens, as well individuals from other towns, will be able to assess the performance of public transport in the Lithuanian capital’, says Modesta Gusarovienė, Acting director of ME Susisiekimo paslaugos.

Thus far users only have access to data from last December, although from now on the system will be continually updated to deliver more up to the minute information. This will allow people to track the progress of the transport system on a regular basis.

‘This online register provides users with a means of monitoring changes in passenger flow in morning and evening peak hours, it also shows the busiest stops, and makes it possible to see how closely public transport drivers are following their route schedules. All that and much more will be openly available for everyone to see,” the acting manager of ME Susisiekimo paslaugos continues.

All of the data will be provided by experienced company specialists. In response to the complaints and proposals of residents and the suggestions of drivers, the system will also provide information on upcoming and recently conducted ticket inspections.

Automated passenger sensors and on board passenger counts will be used to generate data on passenger flow – Vilnius currently has 37 public transportation vehicles with infra-red ray sensors which record passengers entering and leaving. All the data obtained will then be systematised and accumulated in the passenger flow database.

This public transportation data is now available at internet. Your observations regarding the condition of public transport, punctuality, or any proposals regarding what might be included in the information system site can be always submitted by e-mail:, as well as the Facebook account of the ME Susisiekimo paslaugos.

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