For Vilnius airport passengers – easier access by public transport


From now on, it will be much easier to get to Vilnius airport, including due to the upgraded access areas for public transport, which have been opened for the benefit of the residents and visitors of Vilnius on 2 October.  With a view to ensuring a more efficient public transportation to the airport, the former public transport stop has been moved closer to the entrance door, says municipal enterprise Susisiekimo paslaugos.

“The airport has to handle the increasing flows of passengers as a result of a growing number of flights. The renewed infrastructure is expected to make their travel more comfortable and easier.  From now on, passengers will be awaited by public transport right outside the arrivals hall. For those leaving the city it will also be easier, as their way to the departure hall will be considerably shorter”, says Olaf Martens, CEO of Vilnius Airport.

City buses will arrive at the airport, pass the movable barriers, take the designated lane, pick up the passengers and continue their regular routes. In consideration of these changes, adjustments will be made to the timetables of buses 1, 2, 88, 88 N and 3 G. Electronic displays will inform about buses arriving at the airport.

As of 2 October, convenient changes have been planned for the bus routes 88 and 88N Airport-Station-Old Town-Independence Square. From now on, these routes will become fast track to the airport from the new centre of the city. The passengers on the new route Airport-Centre-Europe Square will enjoy brand new buses.

“We are happy for the public transport to come out to front ranks again. Bus 88 will be much faster, with fewer stops, and city visitors will be able to reach Vilnius Old Town – Aušros Vartai or other sights by public transport.  There will only be new buses on this route, and they will have a specific marking. Therefore, the visibility will be definitely increased, and a trip to the centre of Vilnius will not cost more than a euro, i.e. the usual ticket system will apply”,  lists the advantages Vaidotas Meškauskas, Acting Director, Head of the General Affairs Department.

The new route will not stop by at the Station, the Old Town, and go directly from the airport to the Konstitucijos avenue via the streets of Žirnių, Liepkalnio, Bazilijonų, Pylimo, Jogailos and Vilniaus. The bus stops will include Airport, Aušros Vartai, Vinco Kudirkos Square, and Europos Square. This is expected to facilitate travelling to the airport. The timetables for the new route, both day and night, have been matched with those of the flights. Daytime buses will circulate at the intervals of 20-22 minutes. The night buses – every half hour. The first night bus will be leaving from the airport at 23.30 hrs, and the last one – at 4.30 hrs.

According to the CEO of Vilnius airport, this is not the only new thing that we have in store for the passengers arriving at Vilnius airport. This year, we have built new stop for interurban and international buses at the terminal.

“Our aim is to provide the passengers and those that welcome or see them off with an ample choice of transport to get to or out of the airport, and there will definitely be many more changes in the future”, says Olaf Martens.

New timetables for Vilnius city routes have already been published on the website, and updated at public transport stops.

Information on public transport and its changes is available on the website, the social network, mobile phones ( and by telephone during working hours: (8 5) 210 7050.