“Trafi” – the new distributor of Vilnius public transport tickets


The trip planning software “Trafi” will soon become an official distribution channel of electronic public transport tickets. SĮ Susisiekimo Paslaugos and “Trafi” signed an agreement granting to the company the rights of a ticket distributer, and the public transport will become a fully integrated part of the app of multimodal transportation in Vilnius.

After “Trafi” becomes an official ticket distributor, in addition to the selectin of other means of transport, such as bikes, riding or car sharing services, users of this app will be able to also choose public transport and to pay for the entire multimodal trip in a single payment made on “Trafi” app.

“Smart devices are a part of everyday life of many residents of Vilnius, and the use of mobile apps allows them to order certain services easier and faster, to make various payments and other actions that help them save time. We recommend those citizens, who are active passengers of public transport in particular, to use the “m.Ticket” mobile app – we have updated it and will soon offer new functionalities. Residents of the city choosing different ways of traveling in Vilnius and different modes of transport, including public transport, will be able to use “Trafi” – they will plan the entire trip and pay for it using the app. We are glad to contribute to the development of a modern and mobile city, which combines different non-personal transport alternatives”, says Vaidotas Meškauskas, Head of General Affairs Department, Acting Director of SĮ Susisiekimo Paslaugos.

For “Trafi” to become an official additional channel of distribution of electronic public transport tickets, data of “m.Ticket” mobile app will be integrated in this app. The plan is to have this integration completed by June.

“Having integrated the payment option for electronic public transport tickets in “Trafi”, Vilnius will become one of the first cities in Europe having the functioning platform, which combines all most popular methods of travelling and allows to easily and quickly pay for them. The cooperation between “Trafi” and SĮ Susisiekimo Paslaugos will allow users to immediately pay not only for car sharing or riding services on the app, but also for electronic public transport tickets, which will facilitate the travelling of the residents in the city even more”, –Mantas Vizbaras, Head of “Trafi” Lithuanian branch, added.

An open international public tender was announced for the procurement of services of distribution of electronic tickets via a mobile app. The trip planning platform “Trafi” was declared the successful tenderer this April.

Please be reminded that public transport tickets may be purchased using “m.Ticket” and “Trafi” mobile apps or on the online self-service portal. Also, passengers can refill their Vilnius resident cards in customer service centres of SĮ Susisiekimo Paslaugos located at Gedimino pr. 9A and Geležinkelio g. 16, kiosks, post offices and PayPost divisions, MAXIMA stores and other places marked with the Vilnius resident card sign, or purchase one-time tickets from public transport drivers.