A gift from Vilnius Municipality – free public transport on public holidays


Vilnius invites to celebrate the State and has more gifts to offer – today the members of Vilnius City Council decided that during the three public holidays: on February 16, March 11 and July 6 all Vilnius residents and city guests will be able to travel free of charge using the renovated capital’s public transport.

“Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, most of the country’s historic events took place in this city. Here the main celebrations of national holidays take place, attracting a lot of people, both residents of Vilnius and guests of the city. We hope that this solution will not only invite more people to participate in these beautiful and meaningful holidays, but will also encourage some of us to leave their cars at home. Everyone will be able to come to the events comfortably without the brain racking thoughts on where to park their cars, “says Vilnius City Council member Vincas Jurgutis, who had filed the proposal.

The first opportunity to enjoy the free ride is the upcoming July 6, King Mindaugas Coronation Day.  Many festive events will take place in the capital. One of the biggest events is the closure of the Lithuanian 100 years of restored State Song Festival “Vardan Tos” (In the name of our country), followed by a 100-year night picnic organized by the municipality in the meadow near the White Bridge, to which everyone will be able to arrive by free public transport.

According to V. Jurgutis, this Council decision is also a great opportunity to test the modern Vilnius bus park even for those who are used to travelling by their own transport – everyone is invited to experience the quality and comfort of new buses (250 of them purchased by the city) and to visit events by public transport rather than by car. Upon completion of all modernization of public transport, more than half a million everyday public transport users in Vilnius will enjoy the daily travel by 6 completely new buses out of 10. It has been estimated that the value of this particular municipality free ride during the abovementioned three public holidays is about 90 thousand Euros

On the 6th of July and during other public holidays, when public transport is free, there is no need to activate tickets neither in the public transport vehicles nor on the mobile app m.Ticket. Passenger control will not check tickets during those days, but will monitor the public transport.